Everithing is tranformed into moments of bordless comunication as the Air we also find in her painting tecnique where beaches, towns, lawns and the Five Elements are serene illustrations of he who listens with silent and emotional participation the world’s scenario
Using primarily acrilic on linen and digital photography, she creates birds eye views and zenith of people, children, scenes and situations  with bathers scene on beaches, animals in fields, landscapes of agricultural  fields, gardensi with figures, streets and still life
“Solitude, comunication, aggregation, sleep and awakening evoke intention of human relationship that can be also unexisting.
Lots of color, of light  that filters through any matter, sand, sea, fields, streets, air, ombrellastennis , shoes, everithing is life !
We assist the scene from our helicopter, it is a zenithal view, light is behind and we are not visible, we can visit the scene but we cannot show our shadow. ”

Massimo Catalani

“A silent dalogue, made of unfathomable physical geometries but so explicit.
As if we were wearing wings on our feet and fly above our thoughts.
Becoming air for a moment, everithing transforms itself and becomes opera, geometrical creation, uncanny awareness.
If in a watercolor, the contours blur, images fade to leave space only to the substance they are made of: pure thought, perspicuous  look.”

Manuela Alessandra Filippi

Airy Perspectives of Robin Clerici

Before the work of Robin Clerici, we have a puzzled feeling,  uncommon to us humans, if not with the aid of mechanical means; flying. An unusual perspective , the feeling of freedom of infinite spaces, it almost seems as though we are gliding in an immense space, moving from one canvas to the other through a succession of painted visions, of people and colors, in a parallel time, or rather in a different dimension.
Robin Clerici, young roman artist, through her painting is capable of involving  us with  her delicate colors, in a new world that we can notice only by being raised from the ground, where everything changes, even the same world vision seems new, the same figure, as seen traditionally, assumes a new identity.
Shadows almost disappear, however they determine the position of light and figures which become chief elements of the painting, the total absence of scenery which materialises on the surface then extends itself to infinity, becoming stage sets. Children hand in hand, children in the streets, men, women, sunbathers on the beach, animals in the fields,  objects, all free from the unconscious ties fluctuate in imaginary geometrical axes.
All her work is extremely real. Figures, shadows, light, go beyond the imaginary border of a dream into a surreal  new space and new world dimension.

Antonio Fontana

“The lived inner momentum, mental, emotional or sentimental that can be, extract from the contingent moment of dayly life, when we leave our office, when we go to the doctor’s, we pick up our child at school, after a quarrel, when we escape from  our responsabilities or we go to them, from one place and another, the physical state  becomes just emotional, then placed into the elemngt it becomes universal. A felt moment, where, in the  worse case, psycoanalysis  finds its nuriscment, and where, for the best, spirituality rediscovers its physical dimention or not.

The figure is captured into the whirpool of fire, by the stillness or the turmoil of water,  by the impalpable solidity of clouds, by the earth and by the imaginary colorful 5th Elemnt.
The figure is real as its shadow, an inner shadow, illuminated, rests on the ancient symbols of the Five Elements.  Just a momentum, only a momernt, the time lenghth of  a click and we are in a nother world.
The inner journey  has birth in my paintings, all birds eye views of figures  on beaches, streets, squares, meadows, animals and still life. Shadows ground the figures,  on a material earth ,  not too  solid, a bit airy, a bit firey, a bit earthy and a bit watery.”