Accademy of Costume and Fashion graduation, with an eclectic formation:

Theatrical and movie costume design (1983-1991, as assistent of the Oscar prize Franca Squarciapino for  theaters of Paris, Lion, Glascow, London, Berlin, New York, Milan and Rome)
Shoe High-fashion designer for “Albanese of Rome” (1981-1988)
Trompe-l’oeil e murals for important privet places and offices  in Italy and abroad.
Painting, fresco, mosaic, goldsmith
Photography and digital art
music and jazz singing

Everithing is tranformed into moments of bordless comunication as the Air we also find in her painting tecnique where beaches, towns, lawns and the Five Elements are serene illustrations of he who listens with silent and emotional participation the world’s scenario.

Using primarily acrilic on linen and digital photography, she creates birds eye views and zenith of people, children, scenes and situations  with bathers scene on beaches, animals in fields, landscapes of agricultural  fields, gardens with figures, streets and still life.